Sourcing Parts That Are No Longer In Production

NE Autotek can source parts for any vehicle, including those no longer in production

The model or even the brand of your car, truck or van may no longer be in production, but the pros at NE Autotek can help. Whether you have a discontinued vehicle (like a Honda Element), a vehicle replaced by a newer model (like a Honda Accord) or a vehicle made by a discontinued brand (Oldsmobile, Hummer, Mercury, Plymouth, Saturn) we can find parts to get your vehicle Manufacturers that we can source parts for includes but is not limited to:


To keep your car or truck delivering the refined ride you love, our Certified Service technicians who will help maintain your vehicle.

We are ready to help you no matter how old or obscure your car, truck, van or motorcycle may be. NE Autotek's certified experts are ready to help, so give us a contact us today to schedule your appointment.