Air Filter Services

Image: Have your vehicle's A/C system serviced at NE Autotek.

Air filters in your car play an essential role in the efficiency and overall performance of your car, truck or van. A clean filter is a filter that is able to filter out contaminants that would otherwise enter your fuel, engine or A/C systems, resulting in reduced performance or even damage. To protect your vehicle and help ensure the longevity of all of its systems, regular filter replacements are necessary. NE Autotek is here to help.

Air Filter Replacement Installation

Air filters are designed to catch harmful contaminants that could enter your vehicle’s engine and negatively affect its performance. Clean air filters keep your engine free from  contaminant-caused damage and potentially expensive repairs. Clean air filters also greatly improve your vehicle’s ability to accelerate, provide protection from dust and dirt and prevent damage to sensitive oxygen sensors while protecting the engine and its components. When your vehicle experiences reduced engine performance and throttle response, many times the air filter is part of the reason why. We recommend replacing your air filter as specified by your vehicle's manufacturer.

Cabin Air Filter Replacement Installation

Cabin air filters are different from engine filters in that they are designed specifically to protect drivers and passengers against pollen, smoke, smog, mildew, dander, fungus, mold spores, dust, airborne allergens and other pollutants and contaminants while in their vehicle. Cabin air filters are housed in your vehicle’s ventilation system and block these potentially harmful airborne pollutants from entering the interior of your car. Replacing your cabin air filter regularly is essential to keep allergens, pollutants and contaminants out of the air that you breathe when driving. It is recommended that you inspect your cabin air filter every year or 12,000 miles and replace specified by your vehicle manufacturer.

Fuel Filter Replacement Installation

Many vehicles are equipped with fuel filters located outside of the fuel tank and serve the same purpose as engine and cabin air filters: keeping debris and pollutants out. These fuel filters also require routine maintenance and should be serviced regularly. Even a small speck of dirt can clog a fuel injector resulting in sub-par vehicle performance and poor gas mileage so diligence is important. Fuel filters are a critical component in protecting the integrity of your vehicle’s fuel system. When your fuel filter clogs, dirt particles can block the delivery of fuel to your engine. We recommend replacing your fuel filter as specified by your vehicles manufacturer.

Automatic Transmission Filter Replacement with Complete Fluid Change

Transmission fluid is at the center of your transmission, lubricating your vehicle’s transmission and ensuring that it sends the necessary power through your vehicle so that it can run well. A dirty transmission filter may block the flow of transmission fluid to your vehicle’s transmission, hindering overall performance. Transmission filters trap potentially damaging particles while supplying the necessary amount of fluid to your transmission, prolonging its life and maximizing its efficiency. We recommend replacing your transmission filter as specified by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

NE Autotek provides the full range of air filter services. If you find yourself in need or air filter inspection or replacement installation, contact us today to schedule your appointment.